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Luxe payouts

Luxe Payout Schedule

As a Luxe Host, your payout schedule is as follows:

  • 1st Payout: The 1st Payout is released 72 hours after the reservation is confirmed*. It amounts to half of the total booking value minus Airbnb Luxe commission.

    If the reservation dates fall after the cancellation cut-off date, 100% of your payout (Total booking value minus Airbnb Luxe commission) is paid to you 72 hours after the reservation is confirmed.

    • 2nd Payout: The 2nd Payout is released 72 hours after your cancellation policy cut-off date. It amounts to half of the total booking value.

    Keep in mind that depending on your payout method, there may be additional processing time before your funds finally settle into your account. Read more about payment methods and processing times below.

    Alterations to a Reservation

    If any changes are made to a reservation, the payout schedule for those adjustments will vary depending on the timing of the alteration and your Cancellation policy.

    • If an alteration is made before your first payout is sent (which is less than 3 days after the booking was confirmed), your first and second payout amounts will be adjusted to reflect the new total booking value for the reservation. The payout schedule will follow the standard payout schedule described above.
    • If an alteration is made 3 or more days after the booking was confirmed, but before your cancellation policy window, the 2nd payout will be adjusted to reflect the alteration.
    • If an alteration is made after your cancellation policy window, any additional payout or adjustment for the change will be released 24 hours after the check-in date.
    • If an alteration is made after the check-in date, any additional payout or adjustment will be released and reflected in your Airbnb account 24 hours after approval of the alteration.

    How to set up a payout method

    1. Go to Account > Payments & payouts > Payouts
    2. Click Set up payouts (Add payout method, if you already have an existing payout method)
    3. Choose your billing country/region to find payout methods available to you.
    4. Select the type of payout method you want to use, then click Continue
    5. Add the requested info, then click Next

    If you've set up more than one payout method, you can choose a default.

    Adding Payout routing rules

    If you have multiple payout methods on your account, payout routing rules can be set up to send funds to different accounts based on the Listing being booked.

    1. Select Account
    2. Select Payments & payouts
    3. Select the Payouts tab
      1. Make sure you have multiple payout methods entered and that they are not "Pending"; if you do not have more than one payout method entered, the options to add routing rules will not show
    4. Select Add payout routing rule
    5. From the dropdown menus, choose the listing you want to apply a routing rule on and the payment method you want the payouts to route to for this listing
      1. You can split payments for a listing into two accounts: Select Add payout split below the second dropdown menu, and you will see the option to split payouts into two different accounts, with an editable percentage for each account

    Note: Pass-through taxes will only be sent to your primary payout method and will not follow any payout routing rules set in your account.

    Selecting a payout method

    You can choose from a variety of payout method types. For more information, please visit adding a payout method.

    Processing Times

    Additional processing times may impact when your funds become available, and these processing times may vary depending on the payout method you choose. For more information on average processing times, please refer to average processing times.

    Taxpayer Information

    If you received a request to submit your taxpayer information and haven't provided it yet, your payouts may have been or may be suspended, and withholding taxes will apply. To remove the suspension, please provide your taxpayer information.

    Once we receive your information and determine that withholding is not required, we'll stop withholding from your future payouts. However, any amounts that have already been withheld and remitted to the IRS cannot be returned to you by Airbnb.

    The total amount withheld will be included on any tax forms issued to you so that you may account for these withholdings on your income tax return. We encourage you to consult a tax advisor if you need assistance in accounting for any withholdings that have been remitted to the IRS on your behalf.

    To learn more regarding taxpayer information, visit why Airbnb is requesting your taxpayer information.

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