Traditional Dutch food tasting!

Food & drink experience
Hosted by Jasper
The host of this experience
1 hour total
1 meal and Drinks
Offered in English
Prices may vary depending on the date you select.
About your host, Jasper
My name is Jasper, 27 years old and my passion is good food. A few months ago I was able to quit my job and I was give the chance to take over a lovely food shop together with my best friend in the middle of the city center of Amsterdam. I work in Amsterdam but also live here. By the way, I also like to travel just like you ;-)
What we’ll do
Enjoy the world of traditional Dutch food in one of the greatest food shops for a private food experience. As a passionate foodie I will be more than happy to share the best food the Dutch kitchen can offer you! You will be able to try the best food we have and I will tell you an interesting background story about it while you will be enjoying our food. You will learn a lot about the Dutch food cu…
What I’ll provide
Food 󴀁
Typical Dutch dishes we eat for dinner, but also traditional snacks and sweets!

Drinks 󲀃
Coffee how we drink it! But also a shot of local Jenever together with a Heineken beer and a secret local specialty beer!
Please share your food and/or preferences with me so I can take care of it. It's no problem to adjust the tasting to your wishes! Unfortunately the shop is not wheelchair friendly.
Where we’ll be
We will meet in a lovely food shop called 'Traiteur Frederique' where I serve typical Dutch food in an alive neighborhood called 'De Pijp'. A lot of locals get their daily meal here so it's the perfect location for this experience. Sometimes the tasting is planned during our regular opening times and sometimes the tasting is planned when we are closed.
$33 per person
Prices may vary depending on the date you select.